Thursday, April 21, 2011

GT Clothesaholic

 I don't usually splurge for nice and luxury clothing. I always stick to my usual basic choice:  Jeans and Tees.
I don't know if you can call it frugal living; I am fond of getting stuff from flea markets, or "ukay-ukay" looking for cheap brands just to add things up to my closet.  Definitely if I can see dresses where I have to pay for half the price, surely I will.  
Creating my own style appeal most to me when it comes to selecting my own clothes.  To give it a spin, I usually put decoratives or crafts to my old shirts.  Sometimes,  I combine interesting colors with cool accessories to make it "retro style".  I am more of 'accessory person'.  Although I only have quite a few collection of dresses, my mind still wander to aspire for more Spring Collections... still considering buying them online though.

I feel that even if you are not wearing the best trendy clothes these days, it doesn't mean you are out of fashion.
 More Interesting Facts on Clothes and Clothes Stories at Beauty Queen Gene.
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  1. bff, no doubt u are the accessory queen and the ukay ukay queen!! :)

  2. hi, dropping by for GT.

    Buti ka pa. I'm not that lucky to find nice stuff at ukay-ukay places. I think I have to explore more. There are a lot of fashionistas who have great items from flea market. Great styles don't have to come with pricey tags.

    have a nice weekend!

  3. jeans and tees are probably the most conventional and most comfortable things to wear.. and don't mind buying from ukay-ukay, i think we all do that, lol! mine's HERE by the way..

  4. mahilig din ako sa ukay-ukay... cheap kasi eh hahaha, pampasok ko sa school usually t-shirt, pants and shorts, even bags... from ukay-ukay and my classmates and friends always find it maganda, minsan tiyaga lang sa paghahanap...
    thanks for following my blog

  5. another jeans and tees gal here

    have a great weekend hope you check out my entry here.
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  6. Im also an ukay ukay goer especially if Im looking for a particular outfit that pricey to buy brand new. Ukay ukay is the place to be :)

  7. i agree with you there, sis. nothing wrong with ukay-ukay bought clothing. the only brand i'm promoting is ME. :-)

  8. i love ukay, and would go to such shops as often as my work permits me (which is very often. LOL) i rarely buy for myself, though. mostly i just browse and buy stuff for my kid or hubby or my sister or my nephew or.. well, anyone but not me. LOL.



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