Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nursing Scrubs Online

It's a very sleepy afternoon, less people are coming to surf and chat in 3K net cafe. At least I am extra delighted to receive support from my Aunt who lives nearby. She just brought in School uniforms for both Elementary and High School Students here in our place. They are great product add-on to our school and office supplies in order  to maximize sales, at least.  As I received the stocks from my aunt, my sister just arrived from KSA and later inquired about nursing scrubs and uniforms.  Buying locally would be an option, but she's anxious if they are of good quality and can be bought at an affordable rates.

She's fed up of using white nurse' uniform for a long time that she suggested for peach, olive or any other colored pants to suit her nursing blouse. I wonder if there are nursing uniforms for sale here in our town or the most, we have to go to Davao City to check if these kinds of uniforms for nurses are available.She's wondering if she can use  pink scrub there. Some other nurses back in KSA asked her to bring scrub suits as soon as she comes back from Philippines.  I hope to she can give justice to her friend's request.  I suggest maybe she can try to search and buy online? 

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