Thursday, April 14, 2011

Want to Get Rid of Dark Under Eye Circles?

If your eyes look baggy, sag or exhausted, there might be some reasons why you are experiencing such.  And probably you want to do something about it.  Don’t you know that puffiness in your eyes can be attributed to a lot of reasons such as illnesses, hormonal problems, allergies and most often too much fatigue?  They can be itchy sometimes; red or swollen to the point you would feel uncomfortable having those eyes…

Sometimes, it can be hereditary.  Check your bloodline if it runs in your family.   Better yet, check on the real cause of those baggy eyes and find solution from there.  Don’t you know that eye bags are formed due to lack of elasticity and firmness?  They appear because of fluid build up and once elasticity around the skin becomes thinner they are likely to reduce skin suppleness.
UNT Eclat Eye Gel - Dark Circle Eye Treatment 

To reduce puffiness, you can try these simple ideas yourself:  Use chilled eyes or cold spoon and put them around your eyes; or chilled tea bags, cucumber and can be used as often as possible.  Avoid rubbing your eyes as it may cause irritation and may worsen your allergies.  Take out your contact lens before bedtime.  Nothing beats than having a nice, comfy 8-hour sleep to a healthy looking, pretty eyes.  Hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water everyday and a big no-no! on too much salty foods.

There are so many products being offered both offline and online in reducing dark circles around eyes like moisturizing creams.  Do your research and check if appropriate ingredients are present in the product that you would want to buy.  There are review sites that talk about products and testimonies of people who have used the products that you can also check for additional info.

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