Monday, May 16, 2011

Fiesta Delight

Just to shy away from the busy Monday to Sunday sched, My husband claimed this day as our "off".  Finally, we're set to pay quick visit to my daughter who is living with her grandparents.

  The place where she lives will celebrate feast of St. Labrador, patron saint of farmers.  My son who is the SK chairman of the place will kinda' host the party, so everybody in the house were a bit shaken to do each chores assigned.

Just in time before the visitors came, all foods are set that give extra delight to the event. 

 Municipality staffs and peace and order keepers came together with all other SK Chairmen. Good gracious foods served were just enough to accommodate 60 to 100 persons.  I just can't resist the tempting "hamonada" cooked and prepared carefully by my mother in law, complemented by the in demand "igado" ilocano style of cooking meat with liver.

Later after, we have to head back to the next town where our biz is located, huh, it's too tough to balance between family and work. ...stuff of life. got to move on!

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  1. halo bff! naglaway ko sa mga pagkaon!hahaha!would love to to try ur mama's hamonada huh! chat with u soon!!mwah!



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