Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fave Summer Outfit at GT

Happy Thursday everyone!  It's another round of sizzling summer outfit buzz to share with GT followers. And it's definitely one of the well-liked topics for girls! We can always think of countless stuffs behind our closet.  

Summer can always be fun but we are aware that it's also a season to sweat out incessantly!   To complement the dry and super hot weather, I always wear cotton fabrics or light materials. Casual shorts and tees  and open toed sandals are on my top list just to feel comfy.

What about you?  What's your favorite sizzling summer outfit?  Share it here with more GT s summer outfit suggestions at Beauty Queen Gene.

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  1. hi bff musta na u! thanks for sharing, summer here in the phils can really be so scorching, it's always best to roam around in your fave shorts and tees!! happy gt!

  2. we have exact same preference for summer outfits! i wished you included a picture, though, so we could see you ;)



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