Monday, May 9, 2011

Trying My Hand On Tarpaulin Designing

My week's a bit tipsy while I was trying to beat the deadline in finishing my customer's request.  Huh!  I didn't expect Tarpaulin designing and printing would really do well this week.  Good gracious I was able to get in contact with the nearest Tarpaulin Printer next to my town to haggle with the lowest price so I could accommodate my town folks' request...I'm glad all my designs were approved and pretty well accepted by my customers with a smile on their lips.  That's the best thing about this business...
Here's a latest sample of my work. Hope I have done justice to this job order.  What do you think?

Making designs for people and made them truly proud of your work is indeed a fulfilling and rewarding thing. I've been trying my hand at designing using Coreldraw but lately been passionate about learning graphic design using Adobe Photoshop Elements

I normally charge my customer from P80 to P150 depending on the simplicity or complexity of the designs. 

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