Monday, May 9, 2011

Getting To Know Facebook CitiVille

I'm wondering how my son managed to stay late in the evening till dawn just playing his favorite game in his Facebook account.  I really fancy him while getting the real heck out of this game turning to be always “master” in this latest craze.  Since I tried my hand at designing logos and themes in our desktop publishing biz, I never really got the chance to while the day doing games.   City Ville is just like FarmVille, once you’re hooked and know its ins and outs, truly you’ll experience amazing thrill virtually.  Build your own city and bear the fruits of your hard work. 
 If you're a newbie and want to try playing City Ville, there are quite a lot of City Ville walkthrough plans that can help you in your quest.  With this guide you can easily dominate City Ville and can also direct you in playing and winning. I would definitely be fascinated to know more tips and tricks in Citi Ville games.

Great Stuff, Great Fun...


  1. hi bff, these fb apps are really something! to be able to attract quite a huge following. hope to chat with you soon!!

  2. Sounds interesting but I once got addicted to fb games - and i swore I'll never try starting one again.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Visiting back Karith.



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