Friday, September 30, 2011

North Cotabato Math Olympics Finally Set

The first and one of its kind Math Olympics in North Cotabato Province was finally launched and was successfully participated in by more or less 45 districts today and tomorrow.  There were various activities planned for two days which all math lovers await with full excitement hosted for the first time by Pres. Roxas Municipality.

There are individual and team quiz events that encourage team efforts.  Certificates and awards were given to the winners.  Most of the participants win or lose, all go home with a smile on their faces. 

Karith was just so lucky to represent her class in Grade II together with other two kids in a Team quiz.  In easy rounds, they were able to answer four out of five questions.  They don't have much luck in the average round since they manage to get only  two correct answers.  Unfortunately in difficult round, they got only one correct answer pushing them on the 12th place.  Anyway, there's more room for practice Karith and your team.. Better luck next time!  Truly it's a team effort, thanks to your team mate who volunteered to help you get more air (using hand fan - pamaypay). 


 To all number and math munchers.. see ya next year!


  1. halo bff,long time indeed!glad to see you have a new post!CONGRATS ATE KARITH! hope to see you all soon again!!:)

  2. wow! that surely was exciting! wish i was good in Math, lol! left you a kiss, girl. hope i get one back, thanks!

    by the way, do you mind checking out on What's With 'MY WAY'?

  3. it was so great!



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