Tuesday, October 4, 2011

World Teachers Day

Today, we commemorate the world's teachers day..a UN recognized day giving tribute to all Teachers.  This is one way of saying "thank you", appreciating them for the essential role they play in giving quality education at all levels.

Definitely there are different activities planned for today's event which everyone can expect at every school worldwide.

Some High School students walked in our shop today and literally ask on any  gift giving ideas as a token of appreciation to their beloved teachers.  I came up with  suggestions which some of them availed and pay at very reasonable rates.

*  write a poem and print on a special scented paper, roll or fold it and put nice lace and ribbons.
*  create a collage or pictures using your favorite site like pizap, photobucket, photoshop or coreldraw and mount on a photo frame (8R or 8 x 10) size is preferable.
* Using a nice fan (folded or native created), print the event logo and paste it on.  You can add some lace or glitters depending on any available materials.
*  Create nice beads (pearl necklace and earrings would be the best), and wrap it on a special card box
* With nice small cologne spray bottle, you can put in your favorite scent, and print the logo on it.
*  Create today's event logo or you can use the image on top to create a lei. Accentuate it with scrap booking laces and flowers to make it more attractive.
* wrap it up with bunch of red roses, chocolates  with a simple note.

There a lot ideas that you can explore.  Be creative to win your teachers heart today....

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