Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blogging Per Se Makes Money!

Writing online is just a sort of escape from the exhilarating day jobs, so when I write I see to it that what comes to mind really comes into writing just to pour my heart out.

There you go, I already got my day time job and thanks for my deep, assuring patience, it really pays off. For me, blogging has come naturally and whatever comes, I simply thank God for giving me this greatest freedom. Raking an extra income to complement your daily job is a superb feeling one can't simply turn down. My proofs' here: September Affiliate Promo winner and October Adgitize Affiliate promo winner...wow!

Indeed in my short span of stay in the internet superhighway, I was able to learn some ropes on how to earn online. I discovered that you need to put at least extra effort in order to earn. It's not a done deal and you can't get the money that you wished for right away. A little effort means little, but extra and more efforts for sure means money. Aside from adgitizing, you can try sponsored posting, payperclick and Get paid for extra space in your website.

I've come a step better in my blogging, and thanks for the continuous links and creative ideas from adgitize family. Adgitize pays me for writing in my blog any information that I want. Its recent promotion just gave me $7 for being a Winner in September and $5 in October in its Affiliate Promotion respectively. Affiliate Promotion just helps me to Earn More Money! on top of the regular daily earnings by visiting blogs and advertising. Congratulations Adgitize for bringing in life to blog advertising for two years in a row!Of course, I can't withstand to thank Tix Comix for signing at adgitize using my link. Ken Brown, you really rock!


  1. hi, I am new to adgitize but i cant wait to receive my first paycheck, i hope its going to be hefty.

  2. same here! i really love adgitize =)



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