Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Red Day

Just imagine living in a world without colors.  Life would be dumb boring and lifeless.   Exercise a bit of creativity when teaching your child different colors.   Aside from the worksheets, coloring pages, games and rhymes, you can ask him or her to wear clothes or bring stuffs on same color during an activity.   Look at what we did on red day this week!

 wearing clothes in cool and dazzling red!

just enjoying the day with  red stuffs around!

Quick Red ideas to try

Red pie craft
Strawberry pie craft:  you can cut a pie shape using craft paper.  Ask your kid to draw some dots on it using a marker or  a permanent ink.

Red is Wonderful!
You can cut a red ribbon and say "Red is wonderful".  Let them attach the red ribbon on their clothes and wear them on red day.

Red Snacks
Eat apples and strawberries.  You can make strawberry shake or water melon slices or give away red lollipop candies.

Just be creative.  The more you are willing to keep an open  and carefree spirit to teach your child any color, it is easier for him to remember the concept as far as his association to a color is concerned. After all, learning should be made fun and enjoyable.

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  1. hi bff, RED is definitely a hot color!and of course not to dispel the fact that it's the color of LOVE!wohoo! hehe!bff,tudlui ko pano ung sa linky,mali man akong malink pag gusto kong sumali sa meet me monday etc,blogger not found ang muingon hehe! take care always!!!



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