Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bikini Body In No Time With a Personal Trainer?

Sexy Retro Polka Dot Two Piece Hipster Bikini Swimwear, SmallBeen thinking lately to flaunt your body wearing those bikini collections in your closet?  Worry not, you can still trim off excess fats and obtain the bikini body that you desire with just a little commitment and doing things right.

Lately I can’t get off my finger Adgitizing, but really I have to do myself a little favor.... exercising.  I came across a site stating that with the help of a personal trainer, toning down those muscles, shaping abs and flattening bellies are much easier.  Hmmm, maybe I have to give it a try! 

Anyhow, you too can try these 3 simple hints just to trim down an inch or two!
  1. Pump your body up with tons of water.  It's always been said and done, to keep our skin glowing; we have to drink at least 8 glasses of water.
  2. Eat healthy.  This would mean forgetting the chocolates in your fridge and all those sugar-coated and high carb foods.  Try to eat in smaller proportions each day, but never ever skip three full meals with loads of fruits and veggies on your list.  Keep track of your food intake.
  3. Exercise.  Bikini Body is achievable in no time if you devote a time each day to flatten those bellies, shape up thighs and tone down muscles. Here, consulting a personal trainer might help you carry out plans in achieving your weight loss goals.  Do we have it here in Davao?

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  1. sure bff,personal trainers are an abundance here in davao!i would love to have a bikini body but i don't think hubby won't agree me skinny dipping around!wahhh!! am only allowed to wear one in the bedroom!! (charot!)kidding aside, i think it suits you more coz you've always been slim and slender!!o ha!!hv a great sunday!

  2. wow! taga Davao ka rin pala sis? hahaha..Diri ko sa Matina...taga asa diay ka hehe.

    anyway, type nako yang 2 piece pink swimsuit..I wear 2 piece too if naa sa pool..may bilbil din ako pero dahil yon sa panganganak,so mliit lang sya kaya nakakapag suot pa rin ako ng 2 piece kahit 2 na kids ko. never akong nag exercise anywhere hehe.

  3. I think it suits you more coz you've always been slim and slender!!o ha!!hv a great sunday! Personal Trainer Directory



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