Monday, January 24, 2011

Pagerank 2 for Pinay Expat Blogger

Since I started blogging, it doesn't give so much appeal to me to check my Google Pagerank. The idea of money making online is giving me  enthusiasm to go "gaga" over what needs to be done and whom to connect with.  In blogging, I realize it's crucial to have a very good PR to get more gigs from review sites and advertisers.
What is the importance of Pagerank?
The evolution of the internet gives so freedom for people to connect to different social media sites and the best part, some are earning from it.  Pagerank plays a very important role in the World Wide Web.  It can vary from 0 to 10 which mean the value or strength of a site.  Google indexed a page depending on content or new material of a webpage while giving it more traffic. PR defines the popularity of a page and determines the number of inbound and outbound links.
How to achieve good PR for bloggers?
No one knows exactly the perfect formula of how to achieve the epitome of great PR.  But with some guru and best bloggers' experience, here's what I've discovered:
  • write very good useful content and keywords (please do not duplicate) Download a FREE COPY to check online plagiarism/duplicate content.
  • Improve your links.  You can exchange links with fellow bloggers especially those with high ranking PR blogs, or you can even sell links!.
  • Optimize your blog using SEO. It stands for Search Engine Optimization wherein a website  can skyrocket its ranking through various SEO marketing strategies.  You can try social media marketing, guest blogging,  blog advertising, viral and email marketing and any other SEO marketing tactics.
Want to check your Website PR?  Year 2011 is really giving a nice start for Pinay Expat Blogger turns Ghostwriter Mom.   Google has given her Pagerank 2!  Thanks to the consistent blog advertising, blog hopping, commenting and linking strategies that gave her one step higher in blogging journey.  


  1. Hi sis..thanks for the visit.Those are so true on how to get good PR, and i want to add one, claim your blog from Google webmaster tool, or tell google about your site. When you comment, if name is available, much better to write your blog title and not your name.

    Ask lang ko, kaila ka kay Bing (I love-hate America)

  2. Comment to Kat: Thanks for the additional info.. actually that's one of the best ways so Google can easily indexed our blog. I've been a constant dropper to "I love hate America", but never get to know her.. maybe soon. Thanks..

  3. congratulations!!! I'm also happy to know that some of the blogs that I'm managing got higher Google PR this time.

    another tips:
    1. leave quality and sensible comments to "dofollow blogs" , like mine ...ahemmm...
    2. regularly update your blog with new content and make sure that Google knows about it (..use PING for this)

    for more tips, just check my latest post

    All the best!

  4. congrats on your and your blog deserve it
    thanks also for sharing the tip on gaining PR

  5. nice to hear this great news. I also was very happy to get PR2 the last rounds :)

  6. wohooo! congratulations sis...ako ala na pag asa...ehehehe!

  7. congrats! zero pa rin PR ko...



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